Weeks 23 and 24: The Mom Test 🤷‍♀️


Email isn’t out yet, but here is the next thread! I’m getting my copy right after creating this topic :slight_smile:


Bought an audiobook on Audible yesterday, but haven’t started yet.


Holy smokes. I had a rare Saturday where I don’t need to work, so I just roamed from cafe to cafe and finished the book in one sitting.

It’s nice. Once again, it’s repetitive: 40% of the book is the exact same message: “DON’T PITCH! Ask about THEIR lives, their problems, their current solutions/workarounds”. We are about to launch a new product soon and we do have an extremely narrowly segmented customer group, so I will sit down with this book on my lap and prepare myself for some customer meetings. This book came just at the right time.

And by the way: Without this book I would 100% guaranteed have performed every single mistake outlined in this book.

I loved the chapter about note taking at the end and adding context via little symbols and emojis.


The site is down, and people would like to know what we are reading. @Julian, do you have any means to ping @John and let him know we are freaking out in here?


Finished it yesterday, almost in a single streak. Seems to me, it is heavily inspired by the “Lean Startup” that I read previously this year back when it was an alternative to something else.

But unlike the “Lean Startup,” it shows a toolbox that you can implement for your learning needs. While Eric Ries focuses on why learning is important, this book is more of a “how to manual”. Won’t consider it time wasted, though the writing wasn’t very good :slight_smile: