Weeks 17 and 18: Hooked 🎣



Hello, sorry about all the weird down-time this last week!

Time to read Hooked by Nir Eyal :fishing_pole_and_fish:

It’s a short one—just 14 pages a day.

It was a very close call in the poll!


I’m half into the book and I like how this is like Atomic Habits but focus on app development, I wish there was a parts about risks on how you can develop applications that abuse of human behaviour, I haven’t finished so I don’t know if it has one.


Finished just in time! :tada: Book Notes


Finally catching up! Was stuck reading Out Of Control (amazing book!!) for the past three weeks.

I’m surprised that Hooked sparked so little discussion. It’s so short! Took me only four train rides to finish.

Just like Zero To One, this came just at the right time. While Zero To One convinced our team that a certain product idea that we have could be huge – and thus we started brainstorming that product in the past two months – this book gave me tons of ideas on how to design our new product with little hooks right from the beginning. It will also help us to revamp our existing product this year.

So I would say, this book is straight to the point and super actionable. Like others have said: The “Do This Now” points at the end of each chapter are super helpful.