[solved] Problems with mobile styles?


When I reloaded the site today in my mobile Safari, it timed out with some error message (something with Error getting data for categories.json) and since then the mobile styles for the site are pretty broken.

Is this just my Safari or does anyone else have similar issues?


I’ve got no idea what’s going on today. Errors all over the place.
I’m just trying to sort through them all now. Now the homepage is down too.


Try to find logfiles. There is always a simple reason when software malfunctions :wink:


Any idea what might cause the style issue?

The site is quite unusable for me at the moment.

Is anyone having the same issue?


I had that issue once, mine was stuck on “desk top mode” but haven’t run into that lately. Just an issue the other day when the webpage said server couldn’t be found.


I went into the Safari advanced settings and deleted all cached data and reloaded the page here – still no luck. When I write posts, I can only see half of the text field :frowning:


what the hell! suddenly it works!

woohooo :slight_smile: