Quality of books read


I’ve kept a log of the books I read since 2011 and I’ve noticed something interesting this year. After reading 400 books I had marked 20 of them as favorites which is 5%. I’m now on my sixth book for this club, and already three of them have become favorites that I want to keep around to reference or reread! I’m so thankful for the push to read books of a higher quality than I normally would. My consumption of non-fiction has more than doubled. Most of the books we’ve covered so far are books I could have chosen myself, but not at this rate and enthusiasm. As a student teacher in math and science I’ve been exposed to a lot of useful material for work and university as well.

Have anyone else noticed any unexpected benefits of joining this book club?


This is really great to hear!


My goal for this year was 24 books. I already finished 12, mainly thanks to this club. So yeah, this little community definitely has made a big positive impact on my life.

So far, I liked all the books which is something I would not have expected.

I have taken extensive notes on all the books and have implemented most of the stuff from the books in my daily routines now (daily journals, deep work, quit social media, quality leisure time, new business plan aligned with insights from Zero to One). While last year was probably the worst year of my life, I’m full of energy and optimism for this year. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books (and more).


I’m glad you’re feeling optimistic about this year! Last year was not a great year for me either, but I still accomplished a lot which set me up for better times ahead. I can’t say that I’ve implemented what I’ve learned so far though… There tends to be a lot of fires I need to put out every week.