POLL: What should we read for weeks 27 and 28?


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If someone has other ideas, shall we post them here and then you or me add them to the list?


I guess we’re free to add ideas so they end up on another poll.


Please, is this site down?


Seems like it. Seems like @John has abandoned this project?


He’s active on Reddit but doesn’t answer DMs or emails so we’re left alone here, it seems.


No point putting more effort into this then. At some point the money of this instance will run out and this forum will just disappear over night.


That is unless we can take it back


I think we need to do the needful to resurrect this project. Since he does not respond to DMs or email, he might have no interest in it anymore.


Is there anything that can be done to resurrect the project without his help if he’s done?


We can definitely try contact him by other means and try to reclaim this space. Other than that I think we could theoretically secure a different domain and migrate the forum there. It’s probably worth it to start archiving the content already.