Poll 🗳 — What should we read for weeks 19 and 20?


What would you like to read for weeks 19 and 20?


Exciting options as usual!


We’re running out of recommendations on the site!


I was wondering about that. How many books did you have lined up for the year? If we are running out, how shall we source new ideas for the coming weeks? I’m sure lots of people here would have tons of great suggestions? Maybe we could use reddit. Everyone suggests one book and a short description why they want to read it, then we upvote. I think that’s how it worked with a SciFi book club I was part of years ago.


I was going to ask everyone. I started by collecting the recommendations from startup founders, but it a long process and seems to end up with the same few books. The Lean Startup Etc.

So, I bet there’s a ton of new exciting books people want to read.
Any ideas?


John, have you seen the list from various smart people here: https://www.wisebooks.io/all_people/? There are lots of books there so it’d need some curation, but it might be a good place to start.


@John why this poll features in Uncategorized and the previous one in Books (that is: on top)?


Oh, regarding the book recommendations. We, in the Gdańsk community of The Startup Book Club, collect suggestions from each new person that joins our meetings. The list is available here: https://wiki.hs3.pl/wydarzenia/tsbc#rekomendacje_ksiazek_ze_spotkan_dyskusyjnego_klubu_ksiazkowego


You have regular meetups?? How many people do usually show up?


We have meetups every two weeks ever since the beginning. There are usually around 5-6 people. The smallest meetup was 3 people and the biggest was around 10 people. Here’s a link if you are ever in the area: https://www.meetup.com/hs3city/events/rlxlxqyzhblb/ :smiley:


This makes me so happy!
Great list, I’ll start adding them.


Shall we have a new poll, @John?


Yes, we’re gonna have a chat instead. Because we’ve run out of decent books! I’ve just put it on here Discussion—What should we read for weeks 21 and 22!?