Poll — What do you want to read for Weeks 13 and 14?


New poll for weeks 13 and 14. What would you like to read?

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Now, is there a way to undo my vote and cast another one? I accidentally clicked on the wrong one :expressionless:


Ha! I don’t think so, what did you vote for?


Doesn’t matter really, they’re all fine after all :slight_smile:


If you hit “hide results” it shows your vote and allows you to change it.


He’s right :point_up: Worked!


Uhm, are we closing this one?


Ah, it’s supposed to close automaically.


We need a new one, I suppose?


yup! I was a bit confused about today’s announcement email. It sounds like the new poll will only be opened in one week and we will be notified via email when it opens?

I feel like it should open today and stay open for one week.


Oh my god, you’re so right, I’m an idiot!