Poll πŸ—³ β€” Weeks 15 and 16: what should we read!?



The polls are open!
Apologies for the confusion in the email, I really need to get a calendar.


I’ve missed the last couple of books as a result of busyness and not being totally swayed on the content. However, looking forward to Factfulness a lot! I am however a bit lost in terms of timing, since I missed a couple I have slightly lost track of the weeks, what would be the start date for Factulness?

Edit: Changed β€œbusiness” to β€œbusyness” because what even are words?


Start date would be Today/Tomorrow, I think. We should all get an email soon.


Super, thanks, I forgot about the e-mail reminders!


@John are you gonna setup a new poll? :wink:


I think we may need one pretty soon. Maybe we’ll do two in advance?


I think he will set one up today.