My feedback until now


Hey! I see that the forum is going a bit quiet and I wanted to give a feedback of my experience.

First of all I have to say that this book club has made me read much more than I have done in the last few years. This was a major benefit for me, for sure.

I haven’t participated much because I lost the rhythm and so I was always a few books behind. Maybe I’m a bit slow or I haven’t spent enough time reading, but for me certain books took much longer than two weeks to read. This only to say that for me one book every two weeks have been a bit too much and that didn’t leave time to read anything else, which was has been a bit frustrating. But that’s only my personal point of view, not much fault of the organisation.

On the book selection instead I think it would have been better to provide a bit more vision and direction. I think we read some brilliant books, but there was also a lot of overlap and similarities. I’ve joined initially to read something that I wouldn’t have read myself alone. Which worked, but after a bit the book selection felt random and without a real purpose. I think it’s fine if you want some extra books to read, but because of my personal limitations these books have been the only one that I have read.

All this to say that I feel very thankful for the organisation, but I want to stop now and go back to the books that I was thinking to read already before. A bit of fiction on one side and more technical books on the other.

Again, thanks for everything and I might chime in again to give a few reviews of the books I’ve read before, as I’ve particularly enjoyed some insights.



Yea that’s why I was hoping that a thread where everyone suggests a book from their reading list might help, but no one participated in that :slight_smile:

It’s probably going to be extremely hard to give a sense of purpose and direction throughout the entire year, as everyone is in very unique situations so there is definitely no string of books that would be perfect for everyone.

I personally liked that many of the books were slightly related. It gave me a feeling of finally seeing patterns emerge and being able “to connect the dots”, but I can relate that at some point one would want to spice it up a little and read something completely different.

Maybe we should come up with a theme for each month and then everyone suggests books that fit that theme and then we pick one, but we encourage everyone to read their own suggestion and just throw in their thoughts about that.

So a core of people who have too much time (like myself) would read the voted on book (and then some), and everyone else would read at least something with the same theme.


A theme for reading actually sounds intriguing.


Yup, June has already started, so we would need themes for July, August and onwards. Any suggestions? :smiley:


I agree that having read similar books helped connecting the dots, and I enjoyed that, plus having read books that personally I wouldn’t have. And also I have read more than I have ever done, I liked that a lot!

In my case I have in queue some books in my mother language (Italian) that make the sharing not possible :frowning:

Instead on the book suggestions I haven’t done it as I would like to dig a bit more on the technical and it seemed a bit off topic to be honest. Both the techies and the Italians felt off topic, but that’s what I would like to read now.

BUT if you are interested, I would like to spend the summer on reading some of the software engineering. So for me the theme would be that and you can pick some examples from here: I have started Code Complete 2 a few months ago, so I’ll probably pick that up again. I might change though if there is someone else interested in the theme and reading another book :slight_smile:


Some ideas we might steal:


Oh boy. We will never run out of stuff to read :slight_smile:


We should order some life extension right away.