Let people know when there's a new poll


I think we need more people to vote for the next book, and for that, I think we need to pull people in somehow.

The last poll only had 16 voters. I never saw it, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I think that number could be much higher.

Perhaps you’re trying not to bombard us with emails which is nice, but I for one would like to get an email when there’s a poll to choose our next book, so that I can participate too.

P.S. I’m happy that Design of Everyday Things has been picked. It would get my vote too. Looking forward to reading it!


I’m not sure if everyone is having this issue but I access on mobile and I had to change the drop down from “categories” to “latest” in order to see the poll!


Has it been picked already? I think this poll will still run for a week or so?

EDIT: Oh you are right, the next book is already decided in the email we got today. That is indeed surprising.

In my opinion, it would be better to only announce one book in the emails, plus the link to the poll for the next book, then leave the poll open for one week.

Those people who finished the book early, can then look at the poll and start reading that book already even though it has not been announced via email yet.


This is a good idea, I was worried people wouldn’t have enough time to purchase the next book but it makes way more sense. I’m also going to start sending another email one week in just for kicks, because I think people should spend more time here (including me)


Oh. I keep forgetting that print books exist. Disregard what I said. I have no idea what is the best way to do this :slight_smile:

Idea: Let’s always vote on the next next book, then there is enough time to keep the poll open AND to allow for shipping of printed books, maybe?