Discussion - What should we read for weeks 23 and 24


Post your suggestions in this thread. Ideally, link to Goodreads and maybe write one sentence why you are interested in this book.

Click the heart icon for those books that you like. The one with the most hearts will be the winner :slight_smile:


I suggested “Traction by Gabriel Weinberg” last time and still would like to read it :slight_smile:


So I’ll repeat myself with “Creativity Inc.” :smiley:


Don’t Make Me Think


The Mom Test


When do we finish the voting?


Oh, week 23 is next week already. I guess then we should finish today?!

Seems like participation has died down quite a lot. Is this book club dead?


Hard to proceed from here when no one participates. Since we all three seem to like @swap 's suggestions, how about we just read the Mom Test?


All for it!


Khm, @John?


Let’s bring back the poll for the next selection. It’s easier for folks to vote than to suggest. We can select top picks from here: https://postmake.io/books


@John which book are you gonna blast out via email, next?


Yeah! I’m ready to hear what’s next!


Seems like @John is down with tooth-ache.

I guess the consensus here is to read “The Mom Test”, so lets just go ahead and read that :slight_smile:


I guess the dentist done him. Poor @John!


The dentist also crashed the landing page of the club. :confused: