Chrome New Tab Extension


Hello book friends,

one thing that always annoys me when reading a lot of books, is that after a short time, I have forgotten so many helpful thoughts, learnings and inspirational quotes of the books again.

My idea would be (if someone of the more coding-experienced members in here could realize this) a chrome extension with the best thoughts and teachings of the books we read. This would not only be cool, but also would enable an approach of “spaced repetition” in each new tab, helping us all remember what we read this year.

Awesome would be, if it would be in the style of the bookclub homepage with the book cover and short excerpts or quotes.

For example, Buffer did something like this for their values and provided the code open-source:

Would anyone of you support this idea or feels able to implement something like this? That would be awesome as f#*$.



Have you heard about this service “Readwise”? They email you a newsletter based on the things you underline in your Kindle.

That’s pretty close to what you suggest, I guess?

For a Chrone extensions… where would the extension the the book quotes from?


yes I read about that, but unfortunately I’m not a Kindle-Reader. I like to read on paper. Is it possible to kind of merge the readwise thing by the bookclub-readers an put it online or any other possibility for non-kindle-readers?

Those could come from this community hopefully.


This sounds directed at me?! is it?
If you’re interested check out my Chrome New Tab Extension!

I could definitely make something like that, it wouldn’t take that long.


@John wow that would be super amazing! :slight_smile:
but there is no feedback from the community yet. maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t use a kindle with readwise :see_no_evil:

but also if so, I think such an extension would also be highly celebrated by those people that are already on the newsletter list, but don’t read the books with us…